Undeniable Proof Mark Dice is Child Star Death Faker River Phoenix
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Ever wonder why your favorite shills never touch obvious hoaxes done by The Establishment Mainstream Media? Oh they won't touch hoaxes, because they're hoaxes themselves. Hollywood Death faking actors purposely made leaders of The Truth Movement.

River Phoenix Pictured Above Faked his Death, He Now Goes By The Name Mark Dice (Political Activist)

Documentary Film Maker and Political Activist Felix Pantaleon (Caliberhitter) discovered an astonishing trend. Celebrities that you thought were dead, are now participating in the world of Espionage (Spies).

River Phoenix's World Famous Chin Mole (Pictured Above) Now Just a Bump

River Phoenix (Mark Dice) now writes books about The Illuminati (Facts & Fiction) and is now a World Famous Political Activist. He has a big following on his youtube channel, with almost 300,000 Subscribers.

River Phoenix's Birthmark on Left Ear (Pictured Above)

River Phoenix faked his death that night at the Viper Room, indeed one of his great Hollywood performances. River Phoenix hated Hollywood, he wanted to change the world and help humanity. He was a humanitarian and hated the fact people were more interested in Celebrities rather than helping people in need.

River Phoenix's Mole on Right Ear With Facelift Scars Pushing Ear Inward (Pictured Above) Left as River Phoenix, Right As Mark Dice (Top as a Teen)

Like his Friend Corey Feldman, River Phoenix endured the same abuse as a Child Actor. One of the many reasons why he faked his death to escape Hollywood. Which he now calls Satanic Hollywood and has now found Jesus as Mark Dice.

Political Activist Mark Dice (River Phoenix)

"Mark Dice" came onto the scene in late 2005 or early 2006 if I can recall as "John Connor". A Prank caller who would call into Political Talk Shows, plugging that 9/11 was an inside job. Until they would immediately hangup on him, River would record these calls and upload it on youtube.

River Phoenix (Left) Now Mark Dice (Right)

Signs of a Death faker: Unfortunately, there's many more Hollywood Death Faking Celebrities. But we get to research people like River Phoenix because they were and still are into Politics. The same field we're in, now for some education. A Death Faker will show signs of Facelift scars, Deepening of The Voice, Ridges Added to their Noses to Throw People off their former Appearance, Acid Face Peeling, Dying of The Hair, lying about their height and in River Phoenix's Case, he even went to lengths to have dimples added on to his smile.

Mark Dice (River Phoenix) Dimple Procedure

Out of all The Death Fakers I've Researched in The Truth Movement (They were purposely made leaders). River Phoenix has had the most work done, but you can never work on changing your Skull Dimensions. One of the many methods I use to determine a death faking celebrity.

Mark Dice (River Phoenix) Gets a Plug on ABC's The View

Mark Dice was positioned into the place he's in, now the question is. Who does he work for? My sources and research say The Russians, but does he mean well? From my research, I think he does. But there's many things he won't talk about, obviously having to due with safety reasons. What we're trying to accomplish here is bridging a gap, no truths will be left behind. Only River Phoenix and his handlers know the real truth.

River Phoenix (Now as Mark Dice) Shows You How Much He Hates Hollywood

(Mark Dice Yells out 9/11 is an inside job)! But little do these Death Faking Celebrities know, by doing so. They do more harm than the people they think they're exposing (By talking about a New World Order). When you talk about one, you "wake" people up to attack The Country that these same people have taken over. (It was all set up like that on purpose). By doing so, Mark Dice and his Followers. Are building a Police State and The System see's that as a threat. Meaning the police state grows larger, because they're giving them an excuse to take more rights. To beat the corruption, one must research who's causing a ruckus here. And The Culprits are The Communist, working with Russia & China. To eventually one day invade, they have sold these death faking celebrities a pack of lies.

Signs of Going Under The Knife, Besides The Obvious Facelift Scars

As you can see from the picture above, River Phoenix had a Ridge Added to his nose. (Scar Visible) A Perfect Example of how this changes a person's appearance, is Dirty Dancing Star Jennifer Grey.

Dirty Dancing Star Jennifer Grey Had The Ridge on Her Nose Taken Off, This Created Another Person & Her Hollywood Career Came Crashing Down

Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey's Hollywood dreams were shattered after a "nose job from hell" changed her appearance so drastically, she looked nothing like her former self. The 1980s star's promising career ground to a complete halt overnight in the early 1990s because suddenly nobody recognized her - and even friends would blank her when she bumped into them.

She says, "I went in the operating theatre a celebrity - and come out anonymous. It was like being in a witness protection program or being invisible. I remember going to a restaurant where I had been going for years. I ran into people I knew and would say, 'Hey.' Nothing. I'll always be this once-famous actress nobody recognizes... because of a nose job."

One has to remember, disinfo agents. (Mercenaries) Like Dallasgoldbug were put out on purpose to discredit real research like this. The truth movement is ran by Death Faking actors, who have made up past. Reason being so, you will never find dirt on them. And of course, it's meant to sound funny and crazy due to disinfo mercenaries like Ed Chiarini who muddies the waters on purpose.

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