Alex Jones is Bill Hicks 100% Proof
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Bill Hicks Pictured Above Faked his Death, He Now Goes By The Name Alex Jones (Political Activist)

Now to the man who opened the flood gates, Bill Hicks The Most Obvious of The Death Fakers. For years they tried to downplay Alex Jones being Bill Hicks, until Researchers like Felix Pantaleon (Caliberhitter) took a crack at it. They tried to downplay it due to the fact that, Bill Hicks wasn't the only one. Even his best friend Sam Kinison of The Comic Outlaws faked his death, he now goes by the name "Montagraph" (Political Activist). The Truth Movement is a front for an Intel Agency, might be The CIA or The Russians. They're making all of these names I've mentioned in this article leaders of it. To either snitch out real political activist, or to discredit The United States for Invasion by The Communist.

Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) Sporting The Typical Facelift Scars of a Death Faker (Right Ear)

Bill Hicks (Alex Jones) Dyes his hair, plucks his eyebrows and will never let his beard grow in. As pictured above, there you can see work he had done on his ears. Obvious facelift that was botched, the left ear is in better condition than the right. But it's all noticeable, once you get a closer look.

Pictured above is Bill Hicks (Right) Left Side Neck Mole Removed, Now Just A Scar As Alex Jones (Left)

Comedian Bill Hicks has his left Neck Mole Removed, it's now just a Scar where it once was.

Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) Left Ear Facelift Scar

Alex Jones (Left) Bill Hicks As a Teen (Right) Birthmarks

Bill Hicks has been the punching bag as the lone Death Faker. Today he's not alone, as it becomes more obvious, that death faking celebrities have found sanctuary in The "Truth" Movement (To make a Living $). The teeth alone should tell all, but we run into many naysaying Fanboys. Where we have to explain things to them like kindergarten students. For indept detail on Bill Hicks Transformation into Alex Jones. View The Video Below.

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Posted on 14 Jan 2015 by Caliberhitter

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Sacred Cow Productions is a privately held organization, run by Kevin Booth. Kevin Booth is the missing link in this story.
by YHWH @ 05 Feb 2020 01:29 am
Sacred Cow Productions is a privately held organization, run by Kevin Booth

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